Homemade Hot Rod is Completely Insane

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What hot rodding is all about.

Hot rodding is all about being cool. You don't need to be rich to own or even build one; you just need the proper tools and the right amount of creativity. It's an American thing. And for this American named Jeb Greenstone, owner of Cutworm Specialties in North Carolina, it's also a family thing. Greenstone turned his grandfather's old general store into his shop where the fabrication now takes place. Believe it or not, the hot rod you see started life out as a Ford Model A, but it's become something else entirely.

It's so loud you actually need ear plugs in order not to lose your hearing. It's literally a combination of hot rod nostalgia and lunacy. There's no real reason for it to exist other than because it's ridiculously cool. It's made from scratch after all.

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