Homemade Land Rover: Another Reason Why LEGO is Awesome

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Now this was time well spent.

Whoever said that you'd outgrow your old Lego sets one day? It's often heavily implied that once you reach a certain age it's no longer cool to play with your old childhood toys. There are exceptions, of course, and one of them is LEGO. For those of us who grew up spending seemingly endless hours building things with our hands and imaginations out of those multi-colored blocks, it's often tempting to take them out of the closet to see if you've still got those young engineer-like abilities.

Need further proof that LEGO is still cool? Look no further than this homemade Land Rover Defender 110. Built entirely from LEGO, it's evidently clear that it took many hours of work and original thought.

Built with a fully working suspension system, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes and even a five-speed sequential gearbox with a reverse gear, the whole thing is extremely impressive. It even has a remote control function that allows it to be taken "off-road". Just watching this video of the LEGO Land Rover Defender makes us want to grab those old sets and at least make an attempt to construct something with four wheels. Built by 'Sheepo', you can check out his other creations on his website and YouTube channel.

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