Homemade Tesla Cybertruck Costs Just $340

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It's based on a Toyota Vitz hatchback.

Deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck aren't scheduled to start until late 2021. This has prompted some impatient fans to build their own homemade Tesla Cybertrucks with varying results. One of the more impressive examples we've seen recently was based on a Ford F-150 Raptor.

At least it looked like a Tesla Cybertruck, unlike this crude creation in New Zealand. It's based on a 2000 Toyota Vitz and can be yours for just $500 NZD ($341 USD). Listed for sale on Trade Me, the Toyota-based Tesla Cybertruck has clocked up 102,724 miles and has had at least five previous owners.

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It's deemed roadworthy until October 2021, but the seller admitted to Newshub this was before the modifications were made. It doesn't even have any windshield wipers or headlights and the rear visibility looks nonexistent.

According to the seller, the modifications were made after the car "rolled a few years back." Every body panel is covered in metal sheets and the seller has fitted an LED light bar and attempted to replicate the Cybertruck's character lines. The seller claims the "Cybertruck" has four wheel drive and is equipped with "mean" mud tires.

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Unlike the real Tesla Cybertruck, which is available with a single or dual-electric motor setup, this fake version is combustion-powered. As far as we know, no modifications have been made to the engine, so it likely retains its original 1.3-liter gasoline engine.

Unsurprisingly, users on Trade Me ridiculed the fake Tesla Cybertruck. "Would this be a suitable vehicle for my nana, she's 84?" one user joked. "Look mum I made a Cybertruck. I love it. Good luck with the sale, and sorry to waste your time," another user said. If you can't wait for the Tesla Cybertruck to arrive next year, this homemade version is listed for sale with a starting price of $500 NZD ($341 USD) or you can buy it now for $800 NZD ($546 USD).

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Source Credits: Newshub

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