Homemade Video Debacle: Mustang V6 Driveshaft Failure


Want to destroy a Ford Mustang V6? Watch this and you'll learn how.

So someone has just bought themselves a new 2011 Ford Mustang V6. With a respectable output of 305hp, it also has a factory set maximum speed. If you want more power and speed, then you'll need to upgrade to the 5.0-liter V8 with a 145 mph limit (which would be our choice). And in a decision that the owner will certainly regret, he decided to remove the factory speed limiter and take his V6 Mustang up to 135 mph. The result? Well, a few things - none of which are good.

To start with, it lost the driveshaft when it ripped into the floor pan, in addition to some major damage to the exhaust system and muffler, and a broken transmission shifter and parking brake. Oh yeah, the interior was also a victim when bits of plastic trim broke apart.

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And to top this all off, the guy was filming the entire thing by hand when going over 100 mph. So congratulations to this now former Mustang V6 owner; his idiotic deeds are inspiration for us all on what not to do with our spare time.