Honda Accord Owners About To Get A Wireless Surprise

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Great news for Apple iOS and Android users alike.

Technology moves fast in the automotive world - so fast that purchasing a new car carries with it the inherent risk of missing out on some great new tech by a single model year. Take the 2021 Honda Accord, for example. A new minor facelift brings with it not just new engine management software, but wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on a handsome 8-inch touchscreen in the EX-L and Touring models.

While other Honda models have Apple and Android connectivity, too, but they all require owners to physically plug in their devices; only the refreshed Accord offers wireless capability for now. That's great news for future buyers, but what about those who have only just bought an Accord?

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As it turns out, Honda is considering whether to retrofit wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to older Accord models through a software update.

An Accord owner on Reddit posted a Honda survey they received gauging their interest in wireless smartphone integration. The survey reads: "Honda has added wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to some trim levels for the 2021 Accord. This feature could be made available to 2018 Accord owners, like yourself, through a software upgrade to the vehicle's infotainment system. This upgrade would let you use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without plugging in your phone."

It then asks the recipient how interested they would be in this upgrade on a numbered scale. The upgrade itself would be a simple affair; owners would either be sent a USB stick to plug into their car, or possibly referred to a download page on Honda's website. Those who don't trust their tech-savviness enough to do it themselves would have the option of having the upgrade performed at the dealership, for an additional fee.

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It appears Honda wants to see how willing current owners are to pay extra for this feature before rolling it out. The survey indicated a potential $50 price for the wireless upgrade, or $150 to $200 for the wireless smartphone connectivity plus a Qi wireless charger.

We don't mind plugging in a phone for CarPlay or Android Auto, but having tested a few vehicles that offer these systems wirelessly, there's no replacement for a simple, hassle-free wireless connection.

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Infotainment Setup
Source Credits: u/RxBrad on Reddit

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