Honda Already Planning Next Generation Civic Lineup

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And yet the latest Civic just went on sale.

Right now the first reviews of the new 2018 Honda Civic Si are coming out. The also all-new (and for the first time ever in the US) Civic Type R hot hatch hasn’t even gone on sale yet, while the standard Civic coupe and sedan are only entering their third model year. What we’re getting at is that, all things considered, the current 10th generation Civic is still nearly new and according to Autocar, Honda is already getting to work on the eventual 11th generation model.

Set to debut in 2021, Honda has big plans for the next Civic because it "will play a key role in its plans for two-thirds of all its cars sold in Europe to feature some form of electrification." In order to make that happen, serious long-term planning is required. No surprise that Honda is the one automaker who requires its designers to be trained engineers first. Autocar also learned from the UK’s Swinton plant director, Jason Smith, that Honda is only in the very early planning stages at this time, and it is indeed experimenting with electrification methods, which will also require the production plant to be modified accordingly.

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And yes, chances are the Civic Si and Type R will also return. Only this time they’ll each likely incorporate electric powertrain components that will take performance to the next level within their respective segments.