Honda Animates New Civic Si

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With new rivals coming in from several automakers, Honda ups its game with a refreshed Civic Si coupe and sedan for model year 2013.

We all know by now that the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic was a huge disappointment. Although the high-performance Si coupe and sedan have received better reviews, most agree that the entire lineup was underdeveloped. Not to worry, as Honda has sent the Civic back the drawing board and brought it back significantly refreshed for the new year. And with it, Honda has released the new Civic Si, complete with 2.4-liter i-Vtec four channeling 201 horsepower through a six-speed manual to the front wheels for just $22,715.

To drum up excitement for its new sport model, Honda has released this animated video showing the new 2013 Si coupe and sedan racing in a comic book-like black & white world with "Mad Max"-style road warriors. Cheesy? Yep. Awesome? Depends on your perspective, but if you find it cool, Honda might have just the car for you.

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