Honda Announces CR-Z Race Car to Compete in Super GT Series

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The Honda CR-Z will be joining the Prius Hybrid race car in the GT300 class of the racing series.

Following their recent announcement to enter the WTCC, Honda has declared their intention of entering the hybrid-powered CR-Z into the GT300 class of the Super GT race series in Japan. In a brief press release, Honda stated: "Starting this year, Honda will enter the GT300 class with a CR-Z equipped with a racing hybrid system, and through a joint project with M-TEC Co., Ltd. Honda will support the racing activities of TEAM MUGEN, which plans to enter GT300 from Round 4 (Sportsland SUGO).

"The development driver will be Hideki Mutoh, who has competed in the IndyCar Series and the GT500 class of SUPER GT." Unfortunately there are no live photos of the CR-Z race car to share but Jon Sibal managed to track down these design renderings. Round 4 of the Super GT 2012 is set to take place on 30 July, so we'll probably have to wait a few more months to see pictures of the finished project. Photos displayed are of the Honda Mugen CR-Z GT300 race car deisgn rendering.

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