Honda Announces Details of 2012 Ridgeline Sport

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Honda releases details of a new Ridgeline Sport trim for 2012.

The Honda Ridgeline has always been an interesting thing. It's not a true truck or even a crossover yet it still won Motor Trend's 2006 Truck of the Year Award. Honda took a chance with the Ridgeline when it launched back in 2005 and is the only car-based pickup on the market. Its unique dual action tailgate was a first in a pickup. However, sales have been slow partly due to its 3.5-liter V6 that produces only 250hp, which has been criticized as being too weak.

For the 2012 model year, Honda has just announced that the Ridgeline will be receiving a few cosmetic updates. The biggest news is the new Sport trim which features 18-inch black alloy wheels, an exclusive honeycomb grille, standard fog lights, black headlight and brake light housings, and black mirrors and door handles. This all looks and sounds good, but the Ridgeline's engine is still a drawback for most mainstream truck buyers. Is it a good vehicle? Yes, but it could be even better with more power. Final pricing hasn't been announced for the new trim, but it's set to hit dealerships this November.

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