Honda Announces UK Debut For FCX Clarity


The Honda FCX Clarity will soon be coming to the UK, much to the excitement of those who see hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

Hydrogen-powered cars might not be here yet on a large scale, but Honda is slowly expanding the market for their FCX Clarity hydrogen car as more areas get the infrastructure up to support such vehicles. Japan and US (really just California) have at least rudimentary infrastructure in place, and select customers in both countries have been able to lease these cars of tomorrow. The UK now joins the list of countries that get the FCX Clarity.

The official unveiling will be at EcoVelocity 2011, where it will share a stage with Honda's hybrid lineup of the Insight, CR-Z and Jazz Hybrid. The FCX Clarity is technically an electric car which generates electricity onboard from compressed hydrogen. It has a range of 240 miles and can be refueled in just 5 minutes, both of which are significant improvements over any battery EV in existence. There is no word on how many of the FCX Clarity will be coming to the UK, but if other markets are any indicator, it will probably be no more than a few hundred.

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