Honda Beat S660 Breaks Cover in Tokyo

Kei-car for Japan; Beat successor elsewhere?

Previewing the carmakers upcoming kei-car for the JDM, Honda has whisked the wraps off the S660 Concept. Billed as the spiritual successor to the Honda Beat and going further back to the original S600 of the Sixties, the S660 is not intended for sale outside Japan. However, with some reengineering, it has the potential to break out of the home market. While the kei car will come powered by a mid-mounted 660cc turbo-three, it’s capable of accepting Honda’s new 1.0-liter turbo unit.

Rumors persist the S660 Concept will emerge in production form as a reinvented Honda Beat, and that powerplant tuned to deliver north of 100 hp is the likely source of the car’s motivation. Resembling the 2011 EV-Ster concept, by the time it reaches the Japanese market in 2015, the S660 Concept will gain a fully retractable roof, remaining largely unchanged otherwise.

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