Honda Bringing Six Fit Concepts to SEMA

SEMA 2014 / Comments

Asks fans to choose their favorite one.

Although the 2015 Fit may be the last car you'd expect to excite anybody, it looks like Honda feels confident enough in its cool factor. The company will be presenting six customized versions of the car at next month's SEMA show in Las Vegas, asking fans to choose their favorite. The six Fits will be built by leading tuning teams from Bisimoto Engineering, Kontrabrands, MAD Industries, Spoon Sports USA, Tjin Edition and Kenny Vinces, each featuring a unique body kit that should add to the exhilaration.

Beyond the scandalous body kits, the various Fits will receive custom paint jobs, new wheels, suspension upgrades, new audio systems and other modifications. With the winner to be announced on November 4, Honda is asking fans to vote for their favorite project on its Tumblr account (#ProjectFit).

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