Honda Bringing Sleek Electric Sports Car Concept To Tokyo


What is Honda cooking up for the Tokyo Motor Show?

The Tokyo Motor Show typically doesn’t host as many major reveals as the Frankfurt Motor Show, but this year’s line-up of concepts debuting at the show is looking more exciting every day. Among the cars we can’t wait to see debut at Tokyo is the long-awaited Mazda rotary sports car concept and the reborn Toyota Supra which is rumored to debut at the show. After debuting the adorable Urban EV at Frankfurt, Honda has teased a mysterious new electric sports car concept that’s heading to Tokyo next month called the Sports EV.

Little is known about the sporty electric car concept for now, but Honda says it will feature a striking silhouette and a “friendly face” to ensure that the car “blends into any lifestyle.” It’s designed to “deliver a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive,” by combining an all-electric powertrain and artificial intelligence technology into a sleek, compact shape. A teaser image shows the Sport EV’s rear quarter panel, revealing square LED taillights look similar to the Urban EV concept shown at Frankfurt last month. Like the Urban EV, the Sports EV looks futuristic, yet retro-inspired, with a minimalist design, sloping roofline and large fenders.

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The sudden influx of electric Honda concepts acts as a preview of Honda’s plan to add more electrified cars to its line-up. By 2030, the Japanese automaker aims to have two thirds of its cars powered by some form of electrification with a focus on plug-in hybrid technology, although all-electric and fuel cell cars are also planned. Honda will also once again showcase the pint-sized Urban EV at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25 which has been confirmed to go into production in 2019, as well as the NeuV Concept that debuted at CES in Las Vegas back in January and the JDM-spec CR-V.