Honda Civic Tourer Coming to Frankfurt, Never to the US


The slick-looking Honda Civic Tourer will make its official debut next month.

This always seems to happen to US wagon enthusiasts. Whenever an automaker launches a cool wagon variant for one of its models, Europe is usually the only beneficiary. It totally sucks. Affordable and fun wagons are just not to be had anymore in the US and it's a damn shame. Man do we miss the Dodge Magnum right now. And now Honda is breaking our hearts all over again by announcing that the production-spec Civic Tourer will make its official debut at Frankfurt next month.

If you recall, Honda showed off a concept variant of the Tourer a while back and it looked awesome. There have also been rumors suggesting that a higher performance S variant is also in the works. But no matter what, the Civic Tourer will remain a Europe-only model because it's based on a different platform than the US market Civic coupe and sedan. You see, the US is also deprived of the five-door Civic hatchback, and the Civic Type R of past and future is a variant of that body style. The Tourer is basically a slightly stretched version of the hatch. More details are expected shortly as we get closer to Frankfurt.

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