Honda Civic Type R Getting A Facelift After Just Two Model Years

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Could more power also be on the menu?

The Honda Civic Type R was was introduced for the first time in the US as a 2017 model. For 2018, Honda didn't really change the Type R, aside from increasing the price by a minuscule $600. The Type R is by no means an old car, but Honda has already been seen testing a facelifted model for 2019. As of now, there isn't a lot of detail surrounding this Type R test mule. The front and rear bumpers are covered in camouflage, as are the rear badges.

From what we can see through the camouflage, the front end will have new air intakes and daytime running lights, and the grille may differ slightly from the current car. In the rear, the bumper will also be mildly revised, though it is difficult to see exactly how. We also spotted a red Type R testing with a smaller wing, which could be a new version of the car. When the Type R first arrived in the US, there was some speculation that more versions may arrive at a later time. Some of these rumored variants included a more hardcore version with added power, and an all-wheel-drive variant to better compete with the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R.

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The next generation Focus RS is rumored to use hybrid power to produce around 400 horsepower, and the next Golf R may follow suit with a similar power figure. Though the Civic Type R may not seem irrelevant now, it may be quickly outclassed by more powerful rivals. Perhaps Honda wants to get ahead of the game by giving the Civic Type R more power before the next Focus RS and Golf R arrive.

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