Honda Civic Type R Spied Almost Completely Naked

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It didn't look too happy on the back of a truck.

Once again, we're thankful for the fact that everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket these days. They say that the best camera is the one you have on you, and this proves it. Just mere days after the Honda Civic Type R was spotted by a Twitter user casually cruising the streets, we've got another shot, this time of a totally naked Civic Type R.

At least, that's what it should be. What other hotly-anticipated car has triple exhausts and a huge wing? A Japanese Twitter user posted the photo the other day, along with a video showing the Type R rolling by on a truck. It also looks like it was having a rough day, sitting under another car on a too-small truck bed.
yamazoh/Twitter Rear Angle View Honda Honda Honda
Rear Angle View

Regardless, the new photo lets us see the un-camouflaged rear of the Type R for the first time. The most noticeable point is the triple exhausts. As with the previous Type R, that center exhaust features a much smaller muffler than the other two, and should contribute to the sound of what will likely be a revamped version of the old Type R's turbo-four.

We can also see some of the suspension geometry. Again, like the last car, it's a multi-link setup, with the springs sitting separately from the shock body, which sits inboard of the arms you see next to the exhaust. It's hard to tell without a point of reference, but those rear tires look pretty wide. It's unclear if they'll be any wider than the last car.

Front Angle View Honda Honda Honda Honda
Front Angle View

Stylistically, the rear is much more low-key than the last R. There are still some aggressive accents, like the rear diffuser you see on either side of the exhaust. We see some reflectors/lights on the rear bumper, which look to sit just below some vents. From here, they look to be functional, but that could all change by the time the Type R debuts this summer.

Either way, getting mooned by a Type R was one of the better bits of news this week, if you ask us. Well, that and the M3 Touring we won't get in America. Luckily, we will get the Type R, and look forward to seeing the rest of the camo come off soon.

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