Honda Confirms Civic Hatchback Will Be Fun And Talks Type R And Si Release Dates

2016 New York Auto Show / Comments

We're talking a six-speed manual and turbocharged engine fun.

Honda's new Civic Hatchback concept stunned at the Geneva Motor Show and has done the same at the 2016 New York Auto Show. Honda revealed a bit more information about its new five-door in the Big Apple, and the news was good. The hot hatch will indeed offer a six-speed manual transmission and, what's more, will also offer a turbocharged engine. The new Civic features a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder good for 158 horsepower and a 1.5-liter turbo-four rated at 178 horsepower.


The best news is that the turbo and the six-speed manual will be offered in the same package, an option not available on the Honda Civic Coupe. While we don't know what the Civic Hatch will look like exactly the concept should be a good indicator. This time last year Honda showed off a strikingly sporty Civic Coupe concept at the New York Auto Show. That car lost its most outrageous features by the time it hit production, which means the Civic five-door won't so aggressive or sporty by the time it hits dealer lots. Still, if the concept is any indication-and it is-this thing will look damn good. We can't really say the same for the Civic Sedan that Honda let Demi Lovato design. (Her and Nick Jonas are headlining the Honda Civic Tour this summer.)

Finally, Honda released a bit of info on the new Civic Si and Type R. All the automaker said was that both will hit some time in 2017. Whether that means early in 2017 or later in the year remains to be seen. What will likely happen is the Civic Si will pop its head out first followed by the extreme Type R. We're a bit bummed that the Type R is taking so long to come out but to be fair we'd rather have a finished product than one that was rushed out half done. That being said the Si itself will be pretty interesting, especially under the hood. We've heard rumors that it could pack a de-tuned version of the Type R's engine good for 220-230 horsepower.

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