Honda CR-V 687

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Since its introduction in 1996, the CR-V has been a popular choice within the small SUV segment. It has a standard 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine with 180 horsepower with a five-speed automatic transmission. It is available with front or AWD. Fuel economy is decent, averaging 21 mpg. It has firm handling in various road and weather conditions. Unlike some other small SUVs, the CR-V has a roomy rear seat and cargo space.

The CR-V also experienced a significant sales increase as fuel prices sky-rocketed and owners of traditional SUVs began to trade them in for the smaller CR-V. The driving experience is typical Honda: firm and well mannered. With a base price of $21,500, the CR-V is very affordable and even a fully-loaded model will top off at only around $27,700.

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