Honda Expanding Engine Offerings To Include A Whole Line With Turbocharging And VTEC


Hondas might actually become fun again.

There was once a time, we'll call it "the Nineties," when a young person who didn't have a lot of money to spend on a car but still wanted something fun would probably be buying a Japanese car. But Japanese manufacturers have in general offered less in the way of cheap fun in more recent years, and Honda has become one of the more disappointing examples. Well, it seems that might be about to change, as Honda is planning a whole line of turbo VTEC engines.


We don't have details about the engines, such as power output or what they'll be going into, but we do know they'll be 4-cylinder plants. Since the engines will be built at Honda's Anna, Ohio plant, there is a chance that this is an indicator that we'll be getting the recently-announced Civic Type R in the US. Or it means we'll be getting something else, it sort of doesn't matter too much so long as it's fun. We're just hoping this all gets going a bit faster than it took to get a new NSX, but we're cautiously optimistic about what it all means.

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