Honda Exports its Millionth Car from America

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Is Honda an import or domestic automaker? The answer is "yes".

There are two kinds of automakers marketing in the United States: domestic and import. Right? Well, that may have been the case once, but these days many automakers we would consider "imports" are actually built right here in the USA. And not only that, but many of them are actually exporting from North American to overseas markets. In this regard, Honda is something of a pioneer, standing as the first foreign automaker to build cars in USA.

It's a practice that has since been adopted by many of its competitors, but Honda started it all thirty years ago. It exported its first US-made vehicles back overseas five years later. Now 25 years on, Honda has exported its millionth car from the USA - an Accord headed for Seoul, South Korea. The other 16 million it has made here have been sold locally.

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