Honda Exposes new Civic Type R Hot Hatch Concept

Previews 2015 production model, but will we see it here?

Honda’s hottest new hatch, the Civic Type R concept, has just been officially revealed. According to officials, itsignals “a new era for the marque”- one which we hope will also be felt in America. With a 2.0-liter turbochargedfour-cylinder engine making “at least” 280 horsepower, the concept is coveredin an aggressive body kit, including new bumpers, rear diffuser, side skirtsand a front splitter. According to Honda, the Type R has been track-tested and proven.

Technical details and specs for the model have yet to bereleased, but Honda says their World Touring Car Championship has beeninstrumental to the cars’ design. The Type R looks like the definition of a hothatch, but won’t get us very far if it isn't imported- like its predecessor.

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