Honda FCEV Concept Charges in 3 Minutes

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It also has a 300 mile range and should have Tesla quake in its boots.

Hedging its bets on a hydrogen-rich future, Honda has revealed the FCEV Concept in LA, showcasing the carmaker's styling direction for its next-gen fuel-cell vehicle that is expected to launch in 2015. Previewing the FCX Clarity's successor, the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Concept will turn heads because of its ultra-aerodynamic, futuristic design, 'floating' roof and covered rear wheels, but the five-seater's technical capabilities is what really grabs the attention.

For the first time ever, a fuel-cell powertrain has been fitted in the engine bay, so the designers now have the chance to go wild with the styling and offer more space. Compared to the FCX Clarity, the 100kW hydrogen fuel cell stack is 33 percent smaller, and with 3kW/L is 60 percent more power dense. That gives it a range of 300 miles, and while fuel stations in the US are severely lacking, Honda says a 70 MPa system will refuel the FCEV Concept in about three minutes.

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