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Honda Fit EV Could Make A Comeback

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It will initially launch in China in 2020, but a US launch hasn’t been ruled out.

While the gasoline-powered Honda Fit continues to be sold in the US, its EV sibling has been out of production since 2014. That could soon change however, as a report by Nikki Asian Review suggests the Honda Fit EV could be making a surprise comeback. According to the publication, Honda will collaborate with Contemporary Amperex Technology, one of the largest battery-makers in China, to develop new batteries for a Fit-based electric vehicle. It will reportedly launch in China before the first half of 2020 but will also be sold in other selected markets.

A US launch hasn't been confirmed, but it hasn't been ruled out either. The new Honda Fit EV will reportedly cost the equivalent of around $18,000 in China and will use a small battery providing a range of 186 miles to keep the cost down. Honda is reportedly aiming to sell 100,000 units annually. If the report is correct, the new Honda Fit EV will be a significant improvement over its predecessor. The first-generation model launched in 2011 with a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 123-hp electric motor. On a single charge, it could only travel around 82 miles, so the new model could have over double the range as EV technology has evolved considerably since then.

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The original Fit EV also took just under 15 hours to recharge with a standard 120-volt outlet. A 240-volt connection reduced that to under three hours, but the limited range meant it had to be frequently recharged, which wasn't very convenient. Combine these shortcomings with a steep price tag of $36,625, and it's hardly surprising the original Honda Fit EV failed to gain sales traction in the US. With a much better range and a more affordable asking price, the new model should have a better chance of succeeding.