Honda Gear Concept Debuts in Canada

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Honda is exploring another option for its future small car lineup with the Gear Concept, but is it good enough to take on the Fiat 500?

Honda is seemingly unbothered that the Montreal Motor Show is by-and-large ignored by the press, but it's just it says is aimed at the young Y-Generation of drivers. Inspired by fixed-gear bicycles, the concept showcases a new approach to tackling sub-compact by being practical and affordable as well as fun to drive. In the words of Honda's Design Director Dave Marek: "it's practical but fun, customizable, connected and affordable. Everything that young, discerning urban buyers would want in a car."

While the Urban SUV Concept just debuted in Detroit, the Gear Concept shows the Canadian market, which is more welcoming of small cars, what Honda can do with subcompact vehicles. The Gear isn't based on any existing platform, appears smaller than the Fit, and could well be a preview of a model to take on the popular Fiat 500. Its wedge-shaped design has a retro feel to it, a back-to-basics design inspired by seventies-era Civic hatchbacks. That contrasts with a supposedly (there are no images to back this up) high-tech and customizable interior.

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