Honda-GM Partnership Could Yield Some INSANE Creations

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But we doubt any of these will be made.

Honda recently announced a partnership with General Motors to collaborate on a new range of electric vehicles. These EVs will use a new battery pack architecture called "Ultium," but the two companies say they will share internal combustion engines as well. This is not the first time Honda and GM have worked together, with past examples including the Isuzu Rodeo and Trooper being rebadged as the Honda Passport and Acura SLX, the Honda Accord, Odyssey, and Domani rebadged as the Isuzu Asaka, Oasis, and Gemini, the Honda-powered Saturn Vue, and more recently with fuel cell technology.

The sky is the limit for what GM and Honda could combine to produce, and rendering artist Kleber Silva has come up with six of his favorite subjects for strange rebadge jobs. These GM models with Honda badges look quite perplexing, ditto for the Honda models with Chevrolet/Cadillac badges and features.

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First up is the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro, which Silva rebadged as the next Honda Civic Coupe. We know Honda will not offer a Civic Coupe in the 11th generation, but perhaps this partnership with GM could spawn a different sort of sports coupe. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Silva took a Chevrolet Colorado and graded on the front and rear end from a 2020 Honda Ridgeline. This could be the best synergy between the two brands because the Colorado could use a dose of refinement while the Ridgeline could be tougher.

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A much stranger sports car rendering imagines a new Cadillac V-Series model based on the Japan-only Honda S660. We highly doubt Cadillac would ever offer a mid-engine sports car when the Corvette already exists, much less a Kei car with a 63-horsepower three-cylinder engine. If Chevy wants to jump into the minivan space though, it could bring back the Uplander minivan as a rebadged Odyssey.

While the fantasies above certainly look cool, we expect the real results of this partnership to look more like what's pictured below. Silva took the new Honda Fit and threw some Chevy bowties on it. The artist did the same for the Clarity hybrid, also grafting on the front clip from the now-dead Volt. While we'd love to see a Honda/GM-built sports car, we expect the two companies to focus on hybrids and EVs.

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Source Credits: Kleber Silva

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