Honda Had An Impressive 2021 With Civic, Passport And Acura MDX Leading The Charge

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It broke some notable personal records too.

It's a new year and car manufacturers are starting to reveal how good (or bad) their 2021 went. Despite ongoing supply chain issues, ongoing Covid-19 drama, and a critical shortage of semiconductor chips, most manufacturers have managed to pull through strong. Luxury brands have done especially well, but what about our family favorites? Honda has just released its sales figures for 2021, and it seems like the Japanese giant hasn't done too badly. Honda USA managed to sell close to 1.5 million vehicles despite experiencing severe supply issues during the second half of 2021, and it even set a few new sales records along the way.

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Honda's light truck and SUV sales set a new record at 800,000 units, led by the CR-V and Pilot, while sales of electric vehicles surpassed 100,000 units for the very first time. The popular Honda Civic topped 260,000 units, and over 200,000 Accords were sold. The Honda HR-V and Passport also posted all-time annual sales records.

Honda's premium brand, Acura, enjoyed impressive figures of its own. Acura SUVs broke their all-time annual sales record, with the Acura MDX recording its second-best annual sales figure of all time with 60,000 units finding new homes. The RDX sold 57,000 units.

The ILX led Acura sedan sales, with the Type S trim representing 40 percent of all ILX sales. 214 people invested in a brand new Acura NSX. These figures are sure to be bested next year as exciting models such as the Civic Type R and Acura Integra join the model lineup.

2019-2022 Honda HR-V Rear View Driving Honda 2019-2022 Honda HR-V Front Angle View Honda 2019-2022 Honda HR-V Dashboard Honda
2019-2022 Honda HR-V Rear View Driving
2019-2022 Honda HR-V Front Angle View
2019-2022 Honda HR-V Dashboard

"All things considered, we had a very successful 2021 with record sales of light trucks and electrified vehicles coupled with incredible demand, especially for all-new models like the Civic and Acura MDX. While we're not out of the woods yet with supply issues or the global pandemic, I thank our procurement and production team, suppliers, and dealers for braving the difficult obstacles to get products to our customers at this unprecedented time," said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of National Operations at American Honda.

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