Honda Has A Cool Plan To Save Lives

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And a new partner to aid in that goal.

Honda has announced a new partnership with Verizon and the University of Michigan to test infrastructure that can talk to cars. This new infrastructure would use Verizon 5G Ultra-Wideband and 5G Mobile Edge Compute to ensure quick, seamless communications to vehicles. Using vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, Honda and Verizon hope to cut down on road accidents and fatalities.

By connecting to 5G embedded in the infrastructure, automakers will no longer need to include artificial intelligence chips inside the vehicle, thus saving on costs and manufacturing complexity. Honda and Verzion used the University of Michigan's Mcity, an autonomous vehicle testing zone, to demonstrate these new features.


Honda showed off three possible scenarios where the technology would come in handy. In scenario one, a pedestrian is about to cross the street, outside the view of on oncoming vehicle. Smart cameras located in the intersection would detect the pedestrian and the vehicle, then send an alert to the driver.

Scenario two involves an emergency vehicles that the driver can't see or hear due to the high audio volume on the radio. In this case, the car would automatically detect the emergency vehicle and produce a warning chime.

Finally, scenario three involves a vehicle running through a red light. This could cause a massive accident in normal circumstances, but using the V2X technology, the lights would detect the vehicle running a red light and alert oncoming vehicles.


Honda hasn't hinted when this technology might be ready on a production car, but it seems like it's still conceptual in nature. Don't go expecting the upcoming 2022 Honda Civic to ship with this feature. Audi has similar V2X technology available, which can talk to traffic lights to let drivers know when they are about to go green. If any automaker can come through on making this technology real, Honda is a strong candidate. The Japanese automaker was the first to sell a production vehicle with Level 3 semi-autonomous technology, so we'll be eager to hear more news about this in the future.

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