Honda Has Lowest Total Cost Of Service In The US

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Hyundai, Buick, and Toyota also put in strong showings.

Unless it's a Civic Type R or the high-revving antics of the discontinued S2000, Hondas aren't typically known for getting your blood racing. That said, they do make unquestionably sensible purchases. Honda owners tend to keep their cars for a long time thanks to their reliability and it's not all blind brand loyalty; we recently described the Ridgeline as the most underrated truck in the country and you won't easily find a better all-rounder than the CR-V SUV. Honda now has another feather in its cap - it ranked first for the lowest service and warranty costs among all brands.

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This result came from the We Predict Deepview True Cost Report. The report analyzes the warranty and service costs of 2021 model-year cars in the first three months of ownership. Including EVs, the survey covers 21 segments. Honda's average service and warranty cost per vehicle worked out to a low $21. Among non-premium brands, it was followed by Hyundai ($22 per vehicle), Buick ($24), and Toyota ($24). The non-premium brand average was $42 and struggling above this were Ford ($55), Chevrolet ($83 per car) and GMC (a staggering $132). Acura and Lexus tied for number 1 ($30 per car) in the premium brand rankings.

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BMW came in with a cost of $106 per car and Mercedes-Benz at $121. Porsche was the worst with a figure of $167. Toyota Motor Corp. scored four individual segment wins, the most of any automaker, including the Lexus UX in the compact premium SUV category and the GX in the midsize premium SUV segment. Honda's segment winners included both the Accord and Civic. Key findings from the report indicate that initial service costs for EVs were twice as much as those for gas-powered cars. EV labor costs are also higher at an average of $58 relative to just $25 for gas cars.

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"We're excited to launch this first report that is based on millions of actual service records, rather than on customer-reported problems," said We Predict Founder and CEO, James Davies. "Vehicles that have low service and warranty costs at three months tend to have low costs at three years."

Davies asserts that vehicle quality doesn't improve with age so the lesson here is simple. If you want something reliable that won't break the bank, Japanese cars once again come out on top. While high costs are often associated with premium brands, the likes of Ford, Chevy, and GMC returned less than pleasing results for the millions of people who buy vehicles from these brands.

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