Honda Has The Perfect Solution To Never Get A Ticket


Dishonest, yes, but also hilarious.

With a 306-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, the Honda Civic Type R is one hell of a family car. The Type R can easily set records on the track, but if you're on public roads you may run into problems with the police if you decide to unleash the turbo'd VTEC engine. Luckily Honda has a solution that will ensure you never have to get a ticket when the cops pull you over. The trick is to always have a female passenger who is wearing a fake baby-bump. Also, she must scream about being in labor. We don't make the rules.

We know that this solution might not be the most practical fix. Not everyone has a wife or girlfriend to constantly tote around in their Type R. That is why Honda gathered a group of actresses who can really sell the whole "going into labor" shtick. We have to commend Honda for creating such a funny commercial, and such an insane hot hatchback.

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