Honda Has Two Major Reveals Coming In 2024

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Both will share a GM platform.

Compared to many rival automakers, Honda is currently behind when it comes to all-electric vehicles. That will change by the 2024 model year. The carmaker's US sales boss, Dave Gardner, has confirmed to the Associated Press it will debut not one but two battery-electric SUVs in three years' time specifically for the American market. One will be badged as a Honda, the other a more luxurious Acura.

Both, however, will share GM's Ultium battery pack architecture thanks to an agreement between the automakers announced last January. Honda, however, will handle all design aspects. Gardner added more information will be shared later this year. If we had to guess, those new SUVs will be similar in size to the CR-V and the RDX.


GM and Honda's deal will also see the pair share technology, platforms, and other relevant EV systems. Both of these new Honda EV SUVs are vital for the company's American future, especially since California plans to ban sales of new combustion vehicles by 2035. Presently, Honda lacks any pure battery-electrics but pledges it will soon launch one or two more hybrid versions of existing models. Its only dedicated hybrid right now is the Insight sedan and has hybrid versions of the Accord and CR-V.

Honda is working towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and remains fully aware President Biden's administration is focused on zero emissions, in contrast to past administrations whose policies were intent on reducing emissions.

2019-2021 Honda Insight Hatchback Front View Driving Honda
2019-2021 Honda Insight Hatchback Rear View Driving Honda
2019-2021 Honda Insight Hatchback Engine Bay Honda
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Honda further recognizes a decent amount of its business currently comes from manufacturing internal combustion engines. That will clearly have to change. "We're really good at a couple of things that seem to be going out of vogue today, so there's no doubt that we have work to start moving quickly in the zero-emission direction," Gardner said.

Honda's deal with GM really works in its favor not only because it gets immediate access to an EV platform and batteries but also OnStar, the General's subscription-based communications platform providing users with services such emergency roadside assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, and hands-free calling.

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2019-2021 Honda Insight Hatchback Front Right Wheel
2019-2021 Honda Insight Hatchback Front View Driving

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