Honda Hopes This Change Will Make The 2016 Ridgeline A Success

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A return to tradition could be just what the doctor ordered.

America loves pickup trucks and Honda knows that. What America doesn't love is the Ridgeline, which Honda also knows. John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda America, told The Detroit News that the new Ridgeline will "appear more like other trucks on the road, and will have more-traditional truck proportions." The truck will debut in 2016, which means Honda has until then to change the public's negative view of the Ridgeline. So, what's the reason behind all the Honda truck hate?

Mendel is a straight shooter, and he didn't hold back when describing the Ridgeline's styling woes. "The design was polarizing. No one wants to explain what they bought." The truck itself has some cool features, such as a trunk below the bed and its gas mileage is great. If Honda can get the styling down they just might be able to start selling Ridgelines as opposed to begging customers to buy them.

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