Honda HR-V SLF Is the Car of Your Daughter's Dreams

Honda's April Fools' Day prank is designed to capture the perfect driving selfie.

While the Honda HR-V SLF is an April Fools’ Day prank today, it may very well be the car of tomorrow. The Japanese automaker says as much in its faux promotional video for its selfie-grabbing SUV, proclaiming that the self-driving car may be cool, but the selfie car is the way of the future. The HR-V SLF has 10 cameras hidden in both the interior and exterior, designed to capture selfies from all angles.

This car would appeal to those who value Instagram likes over safety on the road, a demographic that is likely pretty damn huge. Although it’s just a prank, it isn’t unreasonable to think that cars of the future will have cameras designed for safety and social purposes. Because, Instagram.

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