Honda Introduces 590 HP RWD 2-Liter Turbo NSX Racecar

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Yes, that's right, a 2-liter NSX exists.

The Honda / Acura NSX is a great looking car in street form, but in bare carbon fiber with canards and spoilers and wings in racecar form it's a pure work of art. The first incarnation of a full carbon-bodied car was destined for the track as a GT3 racer. Acura assured us that the NSX GT3 was on track to pass all the FIA-mandated tests, which would mean the new racecar should be eligible to compete in the 2017 race season. This latest NSX that's been added to the fray is also a carbon-bodied beauty, but it will compete elsewhere.

This version of the super sexy Japanese racer drops the '3' from it's title and will thus be known as the Honda / Acura NSX-GT. While the body looks pretty much the same, there are a few changes: dive planes on either side of the front bumper and the front splitter has bigger dimensions. We also see new vents in rows found atop the front wheel arches. While the dimensions of the car are actually pretty damn big, the fact that it's a carbon creation means the racecar will tip the scales at just 2,312-pounds. We're going to assume that light weight will mean the car should be properly quick and competitive out against the competition, like the race-spec Nissan GT-R and the Lexus LC GT500.

While the first version is powered by that brilliant 3.5-litre, twin-turbocharged V6 as seen in the road-going production car, the NSX-GT needed a setup that would conform to the rules of the intended race series. So as per Super GT regulations, this new car will see fitment of a much smaller four-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged 2.0-litre lump. engine as per Super GT regulations. So far, the rumor is that this setup will produce a very healthy 590 horsepower, which is power that we'd love to see in 4-banger streetcars one day. To keep the car even more competitive and light, the all-wheel drive system seen in the streetcar and the NSX GT3, has been dropped to make the NSX-GT a dedicated rear-wheel drive car.

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