Honda Introduces New N-One Microcar

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Developed specifically for the Japanese Domestic Market, Honda has reached back into its archives with the neo-retro N-One city car.

Automakers near and far are reaching back to their roots. Mini has made that its raison-d'etre, Fiat has rebuilt itself around the 500, Citroen has relaunched the DS line, Land Rover has a new Defender on the way... the list goes on and on, outlining a picture of an industry reacquainting itself with the models that put them on the map. The latest is Honda, which has just launched the N-One. Tracing its roots to the 1967 Honda N360 that was its first mass-produced car, the N-One was specifically developed for the Japanese Domestic Market.

The five-door hatchback optimizes interior space and carries decidedly retro styling cues. The car is powered by a 660cc DOHC engine in either naturally-aspirated or turbocharged specs, mated to a continuously-variable transmission driving either just the front wheels or all four. Buyers can also choose between several trim levels that top out at the Premium model that packs a more upscale cabin, a choice of eleven exterior colors and a pair of two-tone schemes. Since the N-One will be exclusive to Japan, chances are most of us will never see one up close, so we've assembled a variety of images to get you acquainted with Honda's latest model.

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