Honda Is Charging More For The New CR-Z: Here's What You Get

Hint: Not much.

WithHonda’s recent unveiling of the new 2016 CR-Z in Japan, a good deal ofperspective car buyers became excited about the affordable and (somewhat) sportyhybrid. Now, just a few days later, Honda has revealed what pricing will be inthe United States for the base model. For next year, the no-extras CR-Z willcost you $21,130. Unfortunately, that’s more expensive than the previous year’smodel, but it comes with some new tech here and there.

Forthe price increase, you can expect to see a whopping 0 hp increase in the compact car’spower plant. Although stabilizer bars have been thickened slightly to increase handling,the US-spec version of this car will also be lacking some good headlight andfront fascia updates that will only be available on JDM cars. Is this newfour-banger worth anything north of $20,000, even new?

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