Honda Is Finally Acting Like The Enthusiast Honda Brand Again

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Welcome back. We missed you.

The previous Honda Civic Si was decent, but nothing special, and was easily surpassed in performance and popularity by the likes of the Ford Focus ST. What happened to the glory days of the S2000, Prelude and Civics that actually had personality? Honda has gotten the memo, hence its decision to bring the new Civic Type R hot hatch to the US for the very first time and, from what all indicators point to so far, a new Civic Si with street cred.

To further help get this message to the masses, Honda has started a new ad campaign called "Racing at Heart," which wants us to link the automaker's racing programs with its production cars. Somehow we doubt Fernando Alonso would give his seal of approval following all of his troubles with Honda's F1 engine during this F1 season. Just saying.

Anyway, the commercial you're about to see will debut on TV during the NBA Conference Finals and the Indianapolis 500 later this month, we have to admit it's a pretty slick ad. "Racing is a core part of Honda DNA and for over 60 years the new technologies and challenging spirit we gain on the track translates into the high level of performance in the vehicles we make for our customers," Honda stated. The new Civic Type R and Si will be in dealerships very soon and Honda wants customers to flock into showrooms. We'll see. In the meantime, here's hoping both Civics are as good as Honda as claims.

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