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Honda is Finally Doing Something to Fix Acura

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Better late than never.

Last year Honda saw US Acura sedan sales drop by 10 percent. Obviously that’s not a good thing. Acura’s SUV sales are still pretty solid, but with overall bland sedans like the ILX, TSX, TL and RLX, something needs to be done, and soon. Fortunately, Honda has finally acknowledged the problem. According to a new report, Honda’s executive vice president and North American chief said that a focus on Acura has become a top priority.

So what’s the first repair step? Erik Berkman, who led development of the highly successful 2004 TL sport sedan, will now head the newly created Acura Business Planning Office. Obviously, he’s tasked with making Acura relevant again. Aside from the upcoming new NSX supercar, Acura plans to launch the TLX sedan that’ll effectively replace both the TL and TSX. More changes are also in store for the ILX. That all alone won’t be enough, and Berkman and crew must find a new formula that’ll make Acura a truly competitive luxury brand again.

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