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Honda is Now the Great All-American Exporter

The US subsidiary’s exports from America now exceed imports - for the first time in history.

Making history in America, Honda USA has announced that forthe first time since it started building cars here, 2013 marked the yearwhen more units were exported from North America than were imported from Japan.Honda manufactured and exported 108,705 vehicles - including Hondas and Acuras -locally, versus 88,537 brought in from Asia. Investing nearly $3 billion in threeyears into expanding its North American production, Honda built 1,309,917 cars inthe United States alone.

Following two decades of motorcycle marketing, theautomaker-formerly-known-as-Japanese began its American automobile operationsin 1970 with the N600. It was importing all of its cars from Japan until the1980s. Honda even fell victim to some anti-Japanese sentiment in its earlyyears, with Americans blaming imports for job losses in the US industry. Now, with the Civic, Accord and CR-V lines fully manufactured inNorth America and a massive export line heading out of the US, Honda has becomeas American as Chevrolet and apple pie. If only they could come up with some more interesting designs.

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