Honda Is Planning A New All-Electric Sports Car: How Powerful Will It Be?


It's range could be pretty damn awesome as well.

Honda seems to have an eco-friendly plan to dominate the sports car scene. The new NSX and maybe baby NSX are leading the charge but both are hybrids. According to Autocar Honda is planning an all-electric sports car that could have as much as 350 horsepower. A group of journalists got to see a softer version of such a car right before the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show kicked off. The test mule had 250 horsepower and weighed in at 3,527 pounds. Over summer an all-electric CR-Z with a crazy look shot up Pikes Peak, hence the CR-Z seen here.

Although the mule had 250 horsepower but Honda engineers are confident that number could jump to 350. Its max range is targeted at 300 miles, which means more weight and a lower 0 to 62 mph time than the current mule's 3.5 seconds. So how serious is Honda about making an all-electric sports car a reality? Very serious, according to a senior project source. "We started this car back in 2012, not as a race car but as an all-electric sports car for public sales. We are making every possible effort to make it to the market." If the NSX, baby NSX and this make it to market Honda's future could be pretty damn awesome, and green.

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