Honda Killing Cooler Euro Accord

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And doesn't plan on replacing it.

For quite some time now, Honda has been selling two variations of its Accord – the one that we know here in America and a better-looking Euro Accord, sold on the continent in other global markets, including Australia. The Euro Accord, which was sold in the United States for a time rebadged as the Acura TSX, will be discontinued in 2015, Australia's Motor Report reports. According to that same report, the outgoing model will not be replaced by anything new for the time being.

Though the company cites weak sales in Europe as the cause for this change, Australian Honda – which sells both the American and Euro Accord – was less than thrilled with the decision. "To be honest, we're a bit disappointed in the global decision for it to be discontinued," said Honda Australia Director Stephen Collins. While Australia has the American model to fall back on, it isn't clear what European buyers will be getting instead.

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