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Honda May Just Be Building the World's Ugliest Car

Crossover / 132 Comments

Take a wild guess as to which one it is.

Honda has rightly earned its long standing reputation for building extremely reliable and well-built cars. It's been building the Accord in Ohio for many years now and will soon produce the highly anticipated NSX successor nearby. And like any major mainstream automaker, it's had a few mishaps along the way. Most are forgivable, but there's one no apology big enough can make up for: the Crosstour. And you thought the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo was ugly.

At least that one has actual proportions. The Crosstour, on the other hand, couldn't look more awkward from every angle: The front grille is too large. There's too much rear-end overhang, and from the side it looks like an Accord sedan carrying dead whale on its back. So why, Honda, do you keep this dilapidated wagon/crossover/overall design debacle in production? The world, and your brand loyalists, are owed an answer.

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