Honda Might Be Planning A New NSX, Maybe

Honda left themselves open to criticism in Japan when they won the Super GT championship last year with their HSV-010 GT prototype racer. The other manufacturers that took part in the series were using racers based on road cars, and while using a prototype has never been specifically banned, it is considered bad form. Honda president Takanobu Ito has stated that Honda is looking into the best way to stick closer to the spirit of the competition.

This will most likely take one of two forms. The first would be for Honda to produce a small number of street-legal HSV-010GT's for homologation purposes. This might be interesting, but we would consider the second option to be much better. That would be for Honda to design an entirely new car to underpin both a new Super GT racer as well as a street car in the spirit of the NSX that could rival either the Lexus LFA or the Nissan GT-R.

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