Honda N BOX + Microvan is Pure Japanese Fun

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Honda's N Box kei car has been a roaring success. The new 'plus' variant is set to continue that momentum.

In a little over six months Honda managed to shift nearly 100,000 units of the oddly-proportioned N BOX. To continue that impressive momentum, the all-new kei car has been evolved and the second model in the mini-vehicle N Series is now sitting in showrooms across Japan. "Adding new possibilities," the N BOX + boasts some 'plus' points over its predecessor in the form of the Universal Bridge and Multi-space System, as well as being made up of more than 90 percent recyclable materials.

The former combines a sloped cargo floor and attachable aluminum slope, bridging the vehicle floor and the ground for ease of loading and unloading. The latter is essentially a set of three different size boards that can be used to break the cargo bay into various space arrangements, from creating a full-length bed to a large cargo setup. A host of body colors including two-tone styles sand custom hues combined with three different interior colors affords buyers plenty of scope for individuality, which should help Honda meet its target of 3,000 sales per month.

All models are powered by 660cc engines and a CVT, priced from 1,350,000 Yen for the FWD, naturally aspirated unit to 1,870,000 for the 4WD two-tone Turbo edition with paddle shifters. Safety features include Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist and impact-mitigating headrests.

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