Honda Needs To Build This Cute Retro Racer Concept

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This looks like it would be a hoot to drive.

Honda is bringing several concepts to the Tokyo Auto Salon next month (think of it as Japan's equivalent to America's SEMA show) to show off some of its customization options, but the clear standout is this retro-inspired racer concept called the Neo Classic Racer.

Based on the adorable Honda S660 sports car, the concept features several retro-inspired touches such as fender-mounted mirrors, leather straps holding down the hood, and covered headlights. Compared to the standard S660, the Neo Classic Racer has wider fenders and front and rear spoilers that make it look much more aggressive. It makes us wish the S660 was sold in the US.

Honda hasn't said if it plans to put the Neo Classic Racer into production. No performance specifications have been released either, so it doesn't look like the Neo Classic Racer has had any performance upgrades to complement its sporty makeover. The standard S660 is powered by a small 660cc engine that produces 63 horsepower to satisfy the kei car market. It weighs less than 1,900 pounds, so it should be a hoot to drive.


Other Honda concepts that will be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon include the Honda Trip Van, a surf van featuring roof racks, black plastic bumpers, rocker guards, and steel wheels. There's also the Step Wgn-based Well Concept, which is described as "family car of the future," but not many details were provided.

The other two concepts are based on cars Honda sells in America. The first is the Civic Versatilist, which gets more ground clearance and a body kit to make it look more rugged and appeal to crossover buyers. This could be a sales hit in America since demand for crossovers is showing no sign of slowing down, so Honda would be wise to put it into production. Finally, the Honda Fit Elegant Color Collection offers a variety of contrasting roof colors designed to appeal to women.

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