Honda NSX On Track; Possibility Of Hybrid

The Shanghai show is over, but there's a lot of talk going on about Honda's plan for a new sports car that will be the successor to the Honda NSX. Honda's president, Takanobu Ito, stated that the new car won't feature the V10 engine that had been planned, since the project was scrapped due to the financial crisis in 2008. He claimed that the future NSX, aka Acura NSX in North America, will be fun to drive and environmentally friendly.

No other details were provided on the sports car or a timeline for its launch; however, a Honda spokesman said that the car is expected to use an electric motor to give the engine a boost, similar to the CR-Z sport hybrid. This all may be a shock to Honda fans, especially since the original NSX was powered by a mid-mounted V6 engine producing 270-horsepower.

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