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Honda Odyssey Ownership Means You've Got Kids

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Time to trade in the S2000.

Sure it's a Honda, but Odyssey ownership could be more trouble than it's worth. For starters, there have been transmission issues that are ridiculously expensive to fix. And just this past week Honda recalled some 900,000 Odysseys due to a possible fire hazard. Yeah, that's not so good. Then again, that comes nothing near GM's current recall fiasco. Anyway, those who bought the Honda Odyssey chose it because of its reliability and sound build quality.

Or maybe it was because all of their suburban neighbors were all driving Dodge Grand Caravans? But one thing is clear: the Odyssey is not for single people. It's today's somewhat overpriced large station wagon that specializes in one thing: family life. Yep, goodbye S2000.

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