Honda Opens NSX Order Books

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Honda UK announces it's now taking pre-orders for a supercar it hasn't even revealed yet.

In most cases, we'd say it would be foolish to put money down on a car you haven't even seen yet. But the rules change when it comes to supercars. That's why Ferrari and Lamborghini sell out an entire year's allotment – if not the entire production run – before the car in question has even been unveiled. Honda and Acura first joined the supercar ranks with the original NSX back in 1990, and is now preparing to enter it again. The new NSX isn't due to hit dealers until 2015, but that hasn't stopped Honda from taking deposits.

Since it's "already receiving unprecedented demand," Honda UK announced that it is opening its books for pre-orders on the NSX. The Japanese automaker's British subsidiary says it has already received more than 20 deposits for the new NSX, even though it has yet to be revealed. The "availability" seems to be confined to the UK at the moment, with Acura in the US apparently ruling it too early to open its order books in similar fashion. But if you live in the British Isles, are that keen to get one of the first NSXs to reach your shores, and have £5,000 to spend on a car you've never even seen, now could be your chance.

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