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Honda Presents Crider to China

2013 Shanghai Auto Show / 52 Comments

Concept car previews production sedan aimed at the Chinese market, positioned in between the Civic and Accord.

With all the global debuts that took place this past weekend, you might categorize the Shanghai Auto Show as one of international scope. But it was also the biggest motor expo for China itself, and many automakers foreign and domestic were on hand to display products aimed specifically at the Chinese market. Among them was Honda, which used the occasion to unveil the Crider concept. Ignoring the unfortunate name, the Crider is smaller than the Accord and borrows its platform from the Civic – much as the similarly-styled Acura ILX.

The sharp creases and dramatic details house a 1.8-liter VTEC four with 140 horsepower driving the front wheels through a five-speed transmission of either manual or automatic operation. The concept closely foreshadows a production car to follow for the Chinese market that could find its way to other parts of the region as well.

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