Honda Ready To Fix One Million Cars With Takata Airbags

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This issue may finally be nearing its end.

The Takata airbag recall was one of the most significant automotive recalls we've seen. Over 37 million vehicles with 50 million defective airbags were affected, and Takata has already been forced to pay out $1 billion dollars as punishment. So far, 23 people have been killed because of the defect and 180 more have been injured. It seemed like the issue may never be fully resolved, but Automotive News reports that Honda is moving forward with the next major phase of its Takata recalls.

Honda plans to recall around one million vehicles during this new phase now that the company has an adequate supply of replacement parts. The issue with the airbag inflators caused them to explode with too much force, sending metal shards into the vehicle compartment.

So far, Honda has recalled around 78% of its affected vehicles, which is the best of any automaker according to the NHTSA. To compare, Toyota has recalled 66% of its affected vehicles, which is the second most among affected automakers.

Even as Honda seeks to repair a good portion of affected vehicles, the issue seems to be never-ending. Over 50 million Takata airbags have already been recalled, but even more are scheduled to be recalled in 2019, bringing the total number up to around 65 million to 70 million.

Honda has been aggressive trying to repair the airbags by contacting Honda and Acura owners and even offering round-trip house calls to perform the recall. It seems as though automakers are doing their best to solve the issue, but the battle is far from over. Around 12.9 million Honda and Acura vehicles in total will be affected by the recall, meaning around 2.8 million still need to be fixed.

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