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Honda Recalls CR-V and CR-Z

Honda has just announced they're recalling specific CR-V and CR-Z models for potentially dangerous issues. Owners will be notified later this month.

Honda has just announced they're recalling 80,111 CR-Vs and 5,626 CR-Zs with a manual transmission due to issues involving the power windows and the engine control unit. The CR-V recall affects North American market units built in 2006 for a problem that was recently discovered involving a defective power window master switch. Apparently, the design of it could allow for residue from interior cleaners to accumulate over time and this could cause the electrical contacts to degrade and potentially cause a fire in the switch.

The manual transmission CR-Z recall also only affects American market units in order to address a software issue. The problem is if the gasoline engine stalls with the hybrid battery in a very low state of charge and the transmission in gear, it's possible for the electric motor to rotate in the direction opposite to that selected by the transmission. Honda goes on to say that if this occurs when the driver isn't applying the brakes, the car may slowly roll in an unexpected direction. The software upgrade will add controls to correct this issue. Fortunately, no reports of injuries or deaths have been reported for either issue in each model.

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